Roasted Yerba Mate


Looking for a healthy alternative to coffee? Try this tea. It’s full, rich flavor is very similar to coffee. It also makes people more alert, but it stimulates the mind more than the body, so it doesn’t give you muscular tension and irregular breathing

Country of Origin: Argentina

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The animating flavor and invigorating effect makes this baked yerba mate a perfect way to start a morning or get yourself go productive toward the evening.

This tea was perfectly roasted until dark to develop a rich, full flavor without smoke particles. Yes, it wasn’t roasted in the traditonal way with burning wood. This for health reasons and to bring out fully it’s comforting chicory note with a slight chocolate flavor.


How to prepare: Permit to soak in hot (not bubbling) water for 3-5 minutes.
You can use a French Press, Tea kettle, Tea Ball or Coffee Maker.

Some people like to drip a drop of vanilla or hazelnut extract inside.

Or make a Mate Dark Roast Latte with an espresso machine. But don’t fill up the cartridge too much because this tea expands more than coffee. Then pour in steamed milk and sweetener.

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