Phoenix Dan Cong (Ya shi Xiang)


Fenghuang Dancong, commonly known as ” Ya shi Xiang “. It is an oolong tea originating from the Fenghuang Mountain area of Chaozhou, Guangdong, China. It is currently the most popular variety of Dancong. In the early days, it was planted in “Yinhuaxiang” (yellow loam soil), and now adopt more environmentally friendly planting methods.

The tea is named after its dark green leaves and leaf shape that resembles duck foot wood.

Phoenix Dancong duck excrement has a unique and rich aroma with a strong sweet aftertaste.
It is now widely used in the tea beverage industry, especially used to make the tea base of Ya shi Xiang tea.

Added lemon and ice, the taste is cold and refreshing

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There are many ways to make Ya shi Xiang on the Internet and YouTube for reference.

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