Juniper Berries


Whole dried juniper berries picked by hand
Country of Origin: Germany

German name: Wacholderbeeren
French name: Baies de genièvre

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Juniper berries are probably best know for their use in making gin and other spirits. And also for giving flavor to wild game and their use in German Sauerkraut. They are also good for increasing our appetite.

But they also have diuretic and digestive properties. They disinfect the human urinary, transpirational(sweating) and digestive processes. They can also fight the herpes virus.

Juniper grows wild in mountains in Europe, Asia and North America as evergreen shrubs. The fruit of these bushes need 2 years to turn from green to black (ripe).

Preparation: Place a soup spoon of flower tea in a glass and pour 150 – 180 cc of boiling water. Steep for 3 – 4 minutes.

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