Latin name: Hibiscus Sabdariffa

Hibiscus makes a refreshing, reviving tea made from the vibrantly colored calyces of the hibiscus flower. You can serve it hot in winter but tastes even better chilled summer.

It’s been proven to reducing blood pressure and it contains many antioxidants.

Hibiscus tea is a very enjoyable fragrant, tart beverage. It can be combined with ginger or rosehips. The subtle Red Hibiscus Ice Cream is also popular.

Medical benefits:
Research of various clinical studies have shown that hibiscus helps to lower high blood pressure. Thus it can reduce the risk of a stroke or another cardiovascular disease

Red hibiscus is a good source of citric acid, vitamin C, and anthocyanins. The anthocyanins
give the herb its deep red-purple color and a mild astringency, as well as antioxidant

Hibiscus is also known to help lower hypertension, and its flavonoid gossypetin gives it antibacterial powers.

This tea is also mildly sedative and fever reducing, soothing hot and feverish conditions. The calyces are gently tonic and will ease colds, coughs, and chest problems. They also aid digestion and gently stimulate appetite. Both the calyces and flowers act to reduce cholesterol
levels. All parts of hibiscus are demulcent, mildly soothing sore or inflamed mucous membranes
within the digestive and respiratory tracts.

Origin : Thailand

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Preparation: Place a soup spoon of flower tea in a glass and pour 150 – 180 cc of boiling water. Steep for 3 – 4 minutes.

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