Vanilla Pastry Black Tea


This delicate, smooth Creamy Vanilla Black tea mixture is positively the cream of the crop. The solid kind of the dark tea gives you a full-bodied taste easily topped with regular vanilla goodness and a swoon smell of marigold blooms. This tea offers a straightforward however rich flavor base that functions admirably as a latte, it’s additionally an immaculate decision for a treat tea that can be combined with desserts.
A creamy alternative with the same high-quality black tea, but with a touch of vanilla.

Ingredients: almond slices, hazel nuts, cactus flowers, black tea, vanilla bits

Country of Origin: Germany

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Preparation: Place a soup spoon or 5g of tea in a cup , add 150 – 180 cc of boiling water and leave to infuse for 3 – 4 minutes.
Amount of water or brewing time can be adjusted for personal preference.

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30g, 200g, 500g